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YURT's cooperation proposals

YURT platform presents the chance to broaden your market reach. The YURT agricultural platform covers Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Caucasus - Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey, enabling you to locate untapped markets for your company. Our direct contact with agricultural producers ensures the best possible service.


The YURT Platform may benefit you. As part of the YURT Platform's activities, we aim to offer a strategic vision for mutually beneficial cooperation.


1. This will involve exploring media and economic representation in the countries of the Caucasus and Central Asia. This offers YOU and YOUR COMPANY the chance to assess future market expansion plans, as well as strengthening YOUR COMPANY's economic representation in the Caucasus and Central Asian countries.


2. The "YURT" platform's activities can focus on enhancing user and consumer trust in YOUR COMPANY, leading to further development and modernization of the business environment for investment in the Caucasus and Central Asian countries.           


3. The YURT platform provides a comprehensive analysis of the investment, socio-political, and economic landscapes in the Caucasus and Central Asian countries. This expert view minimizes financial risks and losses associated with large and medium-sized investment projects, as well as import and export trade relations.  With the YURT platform, unnecessary risks are eliminated.


4. The YURT platform will offer legal, consultancy, advertising, and media support for the retail and wholesale sector of YOUR COMPANY. The network of local companies collaborating with the YURT platform in the Caucasus and Central Asia instills our confidence.


5. The "YURT" platform can facilitate e-commerce between YOUR COMPANY and the nations of the Caucasus and Central Asia.


6. The YURT platform can assist YOUR COMPANY in the Caucasus and Central Asian countries, aiding in the establishment of representative offices.          


7. Additionally, it can provide advertising and informative support for YOUR COMPANY at worldwide agricultural exhibitions. 


8. The YURT platform can also conduct systematic efforts to expand distribution opportunities for YOUR COMPANY in the Caucasus and Central Asian countries.


9. The YURT platform can promote YOUR COMPANY along the historic Silk Road across 15+ countries and the 27 member states of the European Union, in 7 languages, with information support.


10. The "YURT" platform can assist in preparing and launching a representative office, trading house or network of shops under the name of YOUR COMPANY, in Central Asian and Caucasus countries.


11. The "YURT" aims to enhance YOUR COMPANY's strategic financial stability by promoting stable and mutually beneficial cooperation in the countries of the Caucasus and Central Asia. This will contribute to the development of a long-term partnership perspective.